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Thank you for visiting and taking your time to browse our new store.

We are a small business based in Italy, at the foot of the Alps. With over 20 years climbing and mountaineering experience we decided to take the plunge and create a store unlike many others you may have seen so far.

We set off looking for and handpicking gear amongst the known brands and the less know ones too without prejudice. In fact, regardless how big a brand is, it's the passion, history and culture of the manufacturers that drive the thinking, creation and innovation in the outdoor industry. In our search for the ultimate piece of gear we came across mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, and we knew we were talking to the right people, because those who design and create the best gear are those who use it in the first place and are still directly involved in the making of their products and not only in their marketing, branding and distribution.

Instead of going for the widest range possible, we will always focus on those products that we researched on and know best, starting with what we perceived climbers across Europe are missing out on, simply because it's harder to find.

Our mission is to make GoCragging.com your store. Any suggestion is welcome and if you have any specific query, please do not hesitate dropping us a line on info@gocragging.com.

Happy climbing!

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